Hi All. Welcome to TradeWinds. My name is Jennis Wind. I come to you as an inspired artist, motivated to evoke positive change in this world through my work. My inspiration and motivation is directly derived through Spirit, in will to create, and to paint the world with more soul.

My artwork can be classified as visionary or surreal. I have heard it described as “a soft invitation into the realm of Spirit”. I enjoy this understanding, as it is my intention to simply invite. Invite my viewers into a deeper reflection of their relationships; to themselves, their human-ness, and the natural and metaphysical worlds in and around us. I presume that since you are here right now, you are one that comes with such contemplations.

I work with acrylics and have experimented with multi medias including ink, pencil and various findings from forest floors. I have also recently opened up an Etsy shop, where I have incorporated my original artworks with elements of digital design to produce clothing designs. Alongside these, I have finally began to attribute words and ideas to my paintings in the forms of poems, essays, journal entries, stories, and more. You can find all this under the “Gallery”, Clothing”, and “Diary” tabs respectively.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and pay attention to my work. I highly encourage you to leave comments where you feel inspired to. This is our co-creation. We all share in the experience of being a human in this world, we are all connected and shaped by each other. Thank you in advance for sharing your time, thoughts, and experiences. You can contact me directly through my details shared on the contact page.


Jennis Wind was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She began drawing and crafting since she was a young child and was supported in her artist endeavours by family, friends, and teachers. She excelled in her art classes, won various art awards through school, and had her work published in the School Division’s Christmas Calendar, as well as in a local author’s children’s book. She graduated high school with an Art Scholarship and pursued her passion at the University of Manitoba in the Fine Arts Program.

Jennis’s path changed course after 1 year of University, whereafter she took to the road as a traveller and explorer, discovering both herself and the world. She describes these years as both “hopeful and hopeless”, as she felt parts of herself lost, forgotten, left behind, and discovered again. Through these unearthing times, Jennis found herself coming into a new calling, which led her over to Canada’s west coast into the city of Victoria.

Jennis began to establish roots in Victoria in 2015. After 3 years as an absent artist, she decided it was time to pick the pencils up again. Inspired and inspirited by the people and the place of Canada’s beautiful west coast, Jennis began to explore more with acrylic paint to create gifts for friends, family, and herself. In 2016, Jennis began putting more time and energy into developing herself as an artist, and entered into a local fair where she made her first sale. Since then, Jennis has been featured on stage as a live painter for music events, and has had her gallery on display at B.C.’s Electric Love Music festival. Today, Jennis spends much of her free time dedicated to her various art forms, and is devoted to continue on her path as a visual artist.

Acknowledgements and Inspirations

First and foremost, to Life itself. Thanks for having me. I like living. It’s really great to be here with you. I don’t know what I would do without you, except nothing. Thanks for believing in me.

To Nature. Especially, the Ocean.

To all the phenomenal festivals, and the people that make them, that I’ve had the honor of attending over the years on the West Coast. It’s hard to believe this is real life sometimes. The amount of creative energy put into making these things happen is insanely awakening. It’s been so so inspiring and so so touching be apart of all this.

To my Mom. Thanks for going through all that suffering to bring me here. Your laughter, your pain, your quarks, your love, and so much more, has taught me invaluable lessons I will not soon forget. Thank you for your kind words and pride towards my art work when I couldn’t find them myself.

To my Dad. For cherishing every single card and craft I ever made you with the brightest sparkles in your eyes. You showed me how happy I could make someone with my art. I continue creating in hopes it still feeds your happiness. Thank you for loving me deeply and respectfully.

To my sisters. I think you all drove me a bit crazy with your weirdness, and only with this craziness has my imagination flourished the way it has. So thanks, you weirdos.

To all my bullies in school. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have resorted to making friends with pen, paper. pencils, and paints so deeply. Your ridicules and rude remarks aided and abetted the flight I took into myself and the corners of my sketchbooks.

To Mrs. Bachewich. You were so helpful and supportive. You always voted for me and probably gave me more attention than I deserved. You were so passionate about art and everything to do with it. It was a breath of fresh air to have that kind of passion around me in my life at that time of chaos and confusion.

To Erica. Wow, you have been such a phenomenal support. I feel like you have been a true gift to me. You have undoubtably granted me motivation and energy to help see me through this.

To Charlie. For seeing and honouring my gift. For your help rising it up and bringing it back in.

To Raz. My love. Thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for working with me to create our beautiful home and giving me the space I need to pursue my passions. Thank you for helping me with photography, and for aiding my developing computer skills. Thank you for inspiring me with your words, and your deep, devoted work.

To Mya. For paying attention to my wholeness and providing me with opportunities where I could shine.

To all my friends. For your words (and purchases) of support. Without out this I could not go on.

To Frida Kahlo. This raw, fierce, feminine energy that you embody and exude shakes my bones to their core. The determination, strength, and boldness of your spirit has paved the way for so many young people to de-construct and reimagine the world of our dreams. Deep thanks.

To Salvador Dahli. It’s not about your skills, although they are incredible. It’s about the intricacy of your imagination, your ability to connect multiverses through one painting, and your legendary style that is forever untouchable. You are an idol.

To Phresha. Damn, your skills are out of this world. We have a piece of yours up on our wall, “Earth Mother”. A friend asked me once if I did it (which I thought was funny). It was the best compliment I ever recieved.

To Carl Jung. It’s been great conversing with you through meditation and dreams. Thanks Carl, for your deep contemplation and calling of the sacred.

To Michael Meade. A keeper of wisdom. A teacher of tales. I have been so inspired by you as of late, and find solace in your words of truth.

To my medicines. Thank you for you healing. Thank you for helping me find these things unknown.